EMPIRE™ Turf: The Turf of the Future...

EMPIRE™ Turf grows Australia Wide and provides a lawn grass which is easy to look after. It has a relatively fine leaf which is soft to touch, excellent wear tolerance and thrives in extreme heat and humidity.
EMPIRE™ is good in the shade and keeps a good winter colour and it can generally outcompete the weeds once established. EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA generally requires less watering & less mowing than any other commercially grown lawn in Australia.

Having trouble deciding which turf to use? Click here to download this PDF for a detailed guide on choosing the right turf.

EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA has been given the nick name E.Z. grass (Easy Grass)

Did you know...

EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA has been given the nick name E.Z. grass (Easy Grass)
Empire Turf is a Zoysia turf, which is often known as EZ (easy) grass due to its low maintenance.
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LAWN GRUB CONTROL TIP: Install Empire Turf

LAWN GRUB CONTROL TIP: Install Empire Turf

Don't risk lawn grub problems. Click here to find out why Empire is so lawn grub resistant. NOTE: Empire is more lawn grub resistant than other turf types, but this does not mean it is immune to lawn grub. Seek expert advice if problems occur.

Proven By Research

  • Empire Turf has been proven to:
  • - Need one third of the mowing
  • - Use far less fertiliser
  • - Be more drought tolerant than Buffalo

Loved By Lawn Lovers

  • Empire Turf is loved by lawn lovers for many reasons, here are just a few:
  • - Excellent winter and summer colour
  • - Manicured fine texture
  • - Soft to touch, extreme wear tolerance.

Environmental Qualities

· EMPIRE™ Turf and the environment:
- Low water use due to deep root system
- Reduced fertiliser requirements
- Less insecticide, herbicide and fungicide usage

Empire Turf Gallery

View our Gallery of Empire Turf projects to see its great colour and quality.

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